SWAA — Stuttgart Week Of Advancing ArchitectureOrganized by the IntCDC Cluster Of Excellence

The Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction, organised by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC, was hosted in the early autumn of 2022. During the SWAA conference, the current challenges and novel research approaches focusing on computational co-design, digital fabrication and cyber-physical construction with an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility in advancing architecture, engineering and construction were discussed.

Over the course of the three conference days, cutting edge research was presented by some of the most renowned speakers in the AEC world.

The main purpose of SWAA is to showcase advanced research on rethinking design and construction towards becoming a truly future-proof built environment based on interdisciplinary approaches including architecture, civil engineering, manufacturing and system engineering, computer science and robotics, as well as social sciences and the humanities.

The constructional revolution is represented in a refined typeface called ABC Camera by Dinamo, which is one of the core elements of the identity. A modular and flexible system imitating building blocks offers endless possibilities for adapting content to new layouts. A vibrant and strong green contrasted with a dark forest-green underline the conference’s ambition for a more sustainable future of architecture, engineering and construction. 

The identity will continue to be implemented to a variety of printed matter, animations, posters, to a social media campaign.


Client Universität Stuttgart [University Of Stuttgart]
Partners IntCDC Cluster Of Excellence, Studio TIllack Knöll