Meisterschüler:innen im Weißenhof-ProgrammA Series of Annual Publications for the Post-Graduate Class

The Weißenhof Program is a postgraduate course of study that concludes with the degree of Meisterschüler [master student] at Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts. The three-semester program, which is an alternative to the so-called third cycle of studies, is aimed at selected, particularly gifted artists who would like to implement a concrete work project or a specialization within the study program and whose last practical art degree was not more than three years ago. Since the introduction of the program, we have supported ABK Stuttgart with the design of the books, posters and wayfinding in the exhibitions.

»Ungeordnete Koordinaten« [Unordered Coordinates] is the latest installment of the series. Min Bark, Kuo Hsin-Hui, Leif Kauz-Zeller und Tino Kukulies works are featured in this 192-page book with a pearlescent cover and front- as well as back-cover embossing.

To display the struggle the artists of the class of 2020 had to put up with, we combined global headlines with the artists artwork documentation to counteract the missing exhibition photos. Printed on coloured paper, this gives the books edges a colourful gradient.

»We Grew Some Eyes« combined the artistic output of Nina Joanna Bergold, Jochen Damian Fischer, Franziska Sophie Geissler, Johanna Mangold, Lisa Moll, Jonas Maria Ried and Vladimir Unkovic. The 192-page book was bound in recycled leftovers from leather production to give it a human feel.

In 2019 the annual exhibition featured the title »Vehement!«. Havin Al-Sindy, Ferhat Ayne, Anna-Elisabeth Frick, Claudia Gienger, Shana Levy, Jan-Hendrik Pelz and Hiroki Tsukiyama displayed their work in the third instalment of the series.

Printed in five colours, the book featured bright orange chapter introductions throughout the book.

The second instalment of the series was »Die Größten Künstler aller Zeiten« [The Greatest Artists of All Time], an ironic comment on the group among Gala Adam, Lilith Becker, Marton Dès, and Charlie Stein and how they portrayed themselves as young artists at the time. Silkscreen printed in white and gold, the embossed cover was accompanied by a golden edge colouring.

Silkscreen printed in white and gold, the embossed cover is accompanied by a golden edge colouring.

»Practice. Process. Progress« was the inaugural exhibition that combined the works of Andreas Bauer, Benjamin Bronni, Anna Gohmert, Valentin Hennig, Valentin Leuschel (Gruppe CIS), Georg Lutz, Ann-Kathrin Müller and Fabian Treiber on 216 pages. The red catalogue features a laser-cut dust jacket.


Client Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart [Stuttgart State Academy Of Fine Arts]
Partners Stephan Rößler, Studio Tillack Knöll
Technique Offset print