Kunst, Verein, wagen, HalleA Cultural Identity for a Unique Production Facility

Signage system and identity for Kustverein Wagenhalle e.V. Located at Stuttgart’s Nordbahnhof. The K,V,w,H is home to over 100 artists, architects, filmmakers, actors and actresses, dancers, photographers, urban planners, musicians and like-minded creatives.


Since 2004, the Wagenhalle has been home to a unique production facility for all sorts of creative endeavours (such as painting, music, photography, architecture, construction, theatre, puppet making and puppetry, performance, installation, curation and design).

After the renovation of the main building (a former train depot) and its completion in summer 2020, an identity-creating wayfinding system was developed and implemented on the grounds of the Wagenhalle that represents the Kunstverein, its members on site and, furthermore, secures its location it in the neighbourhood of Nordbahnhof.

Due to urban developments such as the IBA2027 and the planning of the Rosenstein-Quartier Stuttgart, it is extremely necessary for the association to gain visibility beyond the boundaries of its own area.

In addition to orientation, a new identity for the association was developed: Business cards, letterheads and membership forms, as well as orientation plans and materials for the Open Day: »Hallo, Halle«!


Client Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V.
Partners Nam Huynh, Hans-Jörg Seidler, Levin Stadler
URL http://kunstverein-wagenhalle.de