Heilbronn in Bewegung [Heilbronn in Motion]A Multi-Media Staging

During the German National Garden Show 2019 in Heilbronn, the city introduced and presented itself in the temporary pavilion installation »Forum Heilbronn«

Together with the architectural office Schmutz & Partner, Nam Huynh and Moritz Hahn, we developed multimedia content to be shown at the show. The pavilion itself was designed by the architectural office Joos Keller.

The content of the pavilion, ten swings consisting of 2×10 monitors and six daylight projectors visualize the diverse cultural and economic landscape of the Heilbronn region divided into twelve thematic areas.

In addition to interviews with city greats and people from art, culture and business, the staging of the pavilion is enhanced by playful and atmospheric contributions and expanded with informative facts.

A special quality of this installation is the view at night. In the dark, the reflective roof surface of the pavilion became an exciting mirror, perfect for projecting visuals into the outside space – the pavilion becomes the stage of the city.

Visuals of floriculture and viticulture, of life on the Neckar River and the massive salt mine underneath the city offer insights into seductive and unexpected living spaces. The combination of it’s floor as a stage for moving image and media in motions creates a traveling, spatial dynamic that can be perceived from different angles and positions – on the high chair, on the swing, standing or sitting.

The pavilion became a platform for a multimedia, artistic rendering of the city of Heilbronn. The result was a playful but wide-ranging view of Heilbronn that not only delighted tourists, but long-time residents as well.


Client Stadtmarketing Heilbronn [Marketing Department, City Of Heilbronn]
Partners Schmutz + Partner, Joos Keller BDA, Studio Tillack Knöll, Nam Huynh
Photo credit Rudolf Schmutz jun., Hamburg