War. Crisis. Scarcity. In Böblingen.An exhibition through five moments in history

The Deutsches Bauernkriegsmuseum Böblingen [German Peasants’ War Museum Böblingen] documents the living conditions of the »common humans«, their goals, hopes and everyday life as peasants during the beginning of the 16th century, such as in the special exhibition »Krieg. Krise. Knappheit. In Böblingen« [War. Crisis. Scarcity. In Böblingen] that we designed, as well as the new identity of the museum.

The 2023 annual exhibition of the Deutsches Bauernkriegsmuseum Böblingen centers on urban history, tackling winners and losers of crises, re-evaluations, value losses, scarcity, crisis management, and even toilet paper – a timely and thought-provoking theme.

The special exhibition focuses on various times of crisis in history in the city of Böblingen. Identically and in addition to current references, it depicts individual protagonists and their actions, their efforts to overcome and escape crises or even profit from them.

How did people deal with crises in their own unique way? How did people attempt to cope with them, escape them or even profit from them? Do we recognise similarities to today? These questions will be examined by focusing on five periods of crisis in the history of Böblingen with different protagonists.

Starting with crop failures and grain price fluctuations in the early 16th century, and extending to the upheaval of the Thirty Years’ War and the prevalence of natural disasters and widespread poverty in the 19th century, these factors collectively propelled emigration as a hopeful escape. This circumstance not only influenced Eva Barbara Klein, one of the protagonists, but also drew her into a new life.

A crucial segment lies in the hyper-inflation of the 1920s, which transformed securities into mere play money and nurtured the growth of political extremes. Moreover, in the post-war period and housing shortage of the 1950s, Böblingen appeared to transcend crisis, progressing towards an awakening that was both progressive and unconditional.

Whether as a lesson or a reminder, the crises of Böblingen’s past show one thing: we have overcome them.

Furthermore for the museums’s youngest visitors (and those young at heart), we designed a special brochure to engage them with the exhibition and the content, offering stories, illustrations, quizzes, and riddles.

Besides the scenography for the special exhibition, we redesigned the visual identity to prepare it for the upcoming 500th anniversary of the peasants’ war that will take place in Böblingen in 2025.

Animation for the museum’s social media channels announcing the exhibition
Animation for the museum’s social media channels announcing the exhibition


Client Deutsches Bauernkriegsmuseum Böblingen [German Peasants’ War Museum]
Partners Lea Wegner, Johannes Hucht, Steffen Knöll, Sven Tillack
Photo credit Studio Tillack Knöll