Dirk Reimes—sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclairciesAn artist book with found footage

Dirks book »sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies« (under a sky of clouds with brighter spells) is the result of a year-long research project in Brussels and combines autobiography with fiction, everyday experiences with collected first-hand accounts. In photographs found at flea markets, and a text that conjures up encounters with some of the people depicted, past and present come together and speak of life’s transience and our vain attempts to pin down time.

The photographs show people looking directly at the viewer. At the moment of eye contact, they who lived decades ago come alive again.

 The texts imagine some of these encounters with a counterpart, in whose presence one’s own existence is also reflected: We, that other person and I, are both, here and now, alive. 

This moment is precious and fleeting, and the fact that we can’t hold on to it doesn’t mean we don’t try. That is what this book is about.

»sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies« takes images and texts and tries to display them co-existingly. Every few pages the short image sections are interrupted by text passages.

»sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies« was published at Vexer Editions.


Client Dirk Reimes
Partners Dirk Reimes, Sven Tillack, Steffen Knöll, Lea Wellern
Size 230 × 310
Technique Offset print
URL https://vexer.ch/products/sous-un-ciel-partage-entre-nuages-et-eclaircies
ISBN 978-907112-53-3
Photo credit Various Others