Exploriso: Low-tech fine ArtA Multi-Layered Compendium

The establishment of a large number of small independent publishing houses fifteen years ago led to a revival of risography. Artists and designers from all over the world have installed a “Riso” in their studios to produce small print runs inexpensively and independently of large printing houses. Smaller publishers in Latin America still print exclusively on the Risograph on grounds of cost.

The primitive stencil printing process has a huge colour spectrum and creates an interesting optical effect by means of spot colours and coarse screening, which gives the result a homemade look. In the book, factors like colour, paper, file preparation, printing, and processing are explained. Exploriso appears in the first year of the Discovered series.

The result is the book “Exploriso: Low-tech fine Art”, a publication that looks at Riso printing from an artistic point of view and describes the necessary steps for (re)producing your own editions.

Another new feature of the publication is the explanation of how to produce MultiColor color profiles on the Risograph. The Exploriso Color Suite is rounded off by text content from well-known Riso users who share their love of the Risograph with readers. In addition to exclusively produced Original prints, other contributors to Exploriso include Sigrid Calon, Joao Doria (The Ventriloquist Press), Paul John (Endless Editions), Craig Proud (Dizzy Ink), Rachel Littlewood, Mr. and Mrs. Rio, Marjolein Schalk (Wobby Club), the Leipzig Riso Club, and the South Korean RISO print studio Corners.


Client Duplo Press
Size 170 × 240
Technique Offset, RISO
URL http://www.exploriso.info