April 1987 – Rückgewinnung urbaner Qualitäten im KulturquartierA retrospective exhibition

In April 1987, an international symposium with renowned participants took place in Stuttgart. It revolved around the museum and urban development in the core of the state capital.

In cooperation with Aufbruch Stuttgart e.V., the Association of German Architects BDA Baden-Württemberg presents the results of the ideas conceived during the symposium three decades ago in the exhibition space WECHSELRAUM in Stuttgart. For this occasion, we designed announcement posters, invitations, a video installation and the exhibition itself. In addition to the explanations of the symposium participants, their plans were also prepared and made understandable.

Finally, the show was rounded off by the republishing of “Stuttgart küsst sich wach” (Stuttgart kisses itself awake), a text that was published in 1987 by Christian Marquardt in the magazine “Die Zeit”, which was cut on foil and placed on the mirror installation at WECHSELRAUM with the hopes to once again make people and visitors reflect upon the necessity of well-planned and executed public spaces.


Client Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA Baden-Württemberg e. V.
[Association of German Architects, regional group of Baden-Wurttemberg]
Partners Studio Terhedebrügge Terhedebrügge
URL http://www.bda-bawue.de