The Opéra: PhoenixReemerging from the Ashes

After ten regular issues and the Anniversary Issue (2022), THE OPÉRA Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography reemerges, like a phoenix from the ashes, in a new layout and with a contemporary design concept. The emphasis remains on a predominantly feminine perspective on the human body, vividly and authentically manifested in The Phoenix Issue through the works and artist statements of numerous female photographers. Studio Tillack Knöll provided the art direction as well as the editorial design layout to this collection of contemporary nude photograhy.

Once again, The Opéra is subdivided into five chapters that artistically and visually increase throughout the publication. Exposition, Complication, Péripetie, an Interlude, Retardation as well as Catastrophe build the body of The Opéra: Phoenix.

In the first half of the magazine, THE OPÉRA once again showcases the cutting edge of artistic nude photography by artists such as Thomas Sing, Camilla Asat, Malerie Marder, Maxim Schipko, Xiangyu Dong, Laurent Fiorentino, Milena Schilling & Fiona Mentzel, Maël G. Lagadec, Alina Gross, Zachary Gisterac and Juan Borgognoni.

The interlude forms an exception in the publication, which was otherwise produced on coated paper. On uncoated paper, short positions are presented with a layout in 90° rotation on 16 pages. These always include a brief story about the images. This involves Barbara Probst, Hélène Antorini, Florin Ion Firmita, Charlotte Ernst and Constanza Pérez.

The second half of the publication editorial starts after the interlude. It features the work of Iness Rychlik, Veronique Péchaux, Remi Rebillard, Lili Waters, Paul Rusteau, Honey Long & Prue Stent among others.

The publication layouts grand finale is ushered in by the mesmerizing photography of Rob Woodcox that end the Phoenix Issue with a hopeful view on the future.

The Opéra: Phoenix, a magazine on contemporary nude photography is published at Kerber Verlag.


Client The Opéra Magazine, Kerber Verlag
Partners Matthias Straub, Steffen Knöll, Sven Tillack
Size 230 × 310
Technique Offset
ISBN 978-3-7356-0948-9
Photo credit Studio Tillack Knöll