The Opéra: Anniversary IssueThe Best of Classic and Contemporary Nude Photography

Since its inception in 2012, THE OPÉRA—Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography has consistently released annual issues, each featuring the works of over thirty photographers. These magazines are crafted under varying creative directions provided by different designers.

Collaborating with Editor Matthias Straub, we curated the most exquisite series from ten issues, presenting them for the first time in a new layout. This unique omnibus volume features fresh motifs and offers a captivating compilation.

The book harmonizes the works of notable artists including Evelyn Bencicova, Rachel de Joode, Henny de la Motte, Fabien Dettori, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Thomas Hauser, Bart Hess, Petrina Hicks, Mayumi Hosokura, David PD Hyde, Maciek Jasik, Nadav Kander, Mona Kuhn, Joanne Leah, Kenny Lemes, Julia Luzina, Ed Maximus, Stefan Milev, Thomas Sing, Laura Stevens, Erika Svensson, Marc van Dalen, Sean Patrick Watters, Roger Weiss, Milena Wojhan, Bastiaan Woudt, Daisuke Yokota, and Lin Zhipeng.

The book’s structure, organized into five distinct chapters, significantly shapes the layout, dimensions, and interplay of photographs.

A plethora of subjects, models and settings taken by internationally acclaimed photographers and artists shows the status quo of classic and contemporary nude photography.

The commitment of each artist is further acknowledged through a personal text contribution, thoughtfully positioned in a dedicated section at the end of the book – the appendix.

Unlike preceding editions, the anniversary issue boasts a linen-bound hardcover. The title, accompanied by exquisite photography from Bastiaan Woudt, is elegantly silver-printed on midnight-blue linen.

The commemorative edition was unveiled on two distinct occasions: at Paris Photo and Galerie Kernweine in Stuttgart. At each event, we had the opportunity to showcase the editorial and design decisions that culminated in this refined archive.

In addition to our presentation on the editing and design process of THE OPÉRA, we also exhibited selected snippets from the proof print sheet across the gallery space at Galerie Kernweine in Stuttgart.

»The Opéra — Magazine for Classic and Contemporary Nude Photography Anniversary Issue« is published by Kerber Verlag.


Client Kerber Verlag
Partners Matthias Straub, Studio Tillack Knöll
Size 240 × 310
Technique Offset
ISBN 978-3-7356-0852-9