SWAA — Stuttgart Week Of Advancing ArchitectureOrganized by the IntCDC Cluster Of Excellence

In early autumn 2022, the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC orchestrated the Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction (SWAA). This event delved into contemporary challenges and innovative research methods, particularly in computational co-design, digital fabrication, and cyber-physical construction. Discussions centered on sustainability and responsibility while advancing architecture, engineering, and construction.

Throughout the three-day conference, distinguished speakers from the AEC field showcased cutting-edge research.

The primary objective of SWAA is to spotlight progressive research aimed at redefining design and construction, striving for a future-proof built environment. This pursuit is underpinned by interdisciplinary methodologies encompassing architecture, civil engineering, manufacturing, system engineering, computer science, robotics, as well as social sciences and the humanities.

The architectural transformation is embodied through the elegant ABC Camera typeface by Dinamo, a central element of the identity. A modular, adaptable system mimicking building blocks offers versatile content layout options. The dynamic pairing of vibrant green and deep forest-green underscores the conference’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable future in architecture, engineering, and construction.

The identity will be seamlessly integrated across diverse formats, including printed materials, animations, posters, and a social media campaign.


Client Universität Stuttgart [University Of Stuttgart]
Partners IntCDC Cluster Of Excellence, Studio TIllack Knöll