Quartier StadtgartenDesign for a public space

The city garden includes roughly three acres of land, trees, a fountain and a sculpture and is located in the heart of Stuttgart. Originally developed in the 1760s, the city garden hosted the first horticulture exhibition of Württemberg in 1870 and has since been used for various other events.

152 years later, a community of like-minded architects, urban planners, students and professors developed an initiative to put the city garden back into society’s spotlight.

Through exhibitions, participatory engagements, roundtable discussions and guided tours, the initiative opened the city garden and its merits to the public in the summer of 2022.

Tasked with creating the design for the initiative and its events, we worked closely with the initiative of architects of the University of Stuttgart to create printed matter, exhibition graphics, a small informative website and a reader for its members. We held workshops for self empowerment as well.

The identity uses Spazio Pro, an unreleased typeface created by our friends at MultiForm / Formula Type. Combined with floral elements and surrounded by inclusive illustrations of people doing park-oriented activities, we applied this on all printed matter as well as the website.

Sponsored by the Stuttgart ChangeLabs module “Planung in der Praxis“ [Planning in Practice] of the master’s program „Planung & Partizipation” [Planning & Participation] at the University of Stuttgart, the Quartier Stadtgarten is part of the Stuttgart Science Festival 2022.


Client Universität Stuttgart
URL http://www.quartier-stadtgarten.de