Inkubator — Design Now! Material Gestalten

Exhibition and poster design for »Design Now! Material Gestalten«, an exhibition with experiments by students and the Chair of Fundamentals of Design and Experimental Design of the courses of study architecture and industrial design of the ABK Stuttgart in the EnBW City, Stuttgart – in cooperation with Fahim Mohammadi, Natalie Weinmann and the students of the 2nd semester of the chair. »A surprising world of materials awaits visitors in the foyer of EnBW City: towers made of wax stand next to structures made of plastic and caramel, sensors and motors provide movement and offer the opportunity to interact with the unusual sculptures. The objects provide an interesting insight into the current approach to materials and form-finding and are flagships of an innovative and successful study concept called Incubator.« (


Client EnBW
Partners Prof. Fahim Mohammadi mit AM Natalie Weinmann und Studio Tillack Knöll
Photo credit Nadine Bracht