Das TicketDesigning a city guide for Stuttgart’s cultural scene

Enhancing the art direction of “Das Ticket” – a custom city guide by SSB, Stuttgart’s primary public transport provider. With 180 million annual passengers, it’s an ideal platform for promoting the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Having previously collaborated on the »Das Ticket« website, we’re thrilled to extend our involvement by translating its digital identity into a printed magazine. Partnering with Room Service Europe, a key player in SSB’s digital efforts and editorial work, we oversaw visual identity and art direction. QR codes seamlessly bridge the gap between the online platform and the printed publication.

Spanning 88 pages, the new magazine delves into Stuttgart’s cultural scene. Vibrantly featuring a diverse array of characters and personas, it showcases the rich tapestry of talent within the city’s society. From emerging musicians, DJs, and photographers to influencers and illustrators, the magazine captures the essence of Stuttgart’s creative landscape.

Another significant aspect of the guide covers the creators and contributors shaping Stuttgart’s cultural scene. From art educator Sara Dahme unveiling her Kunst Kiosk to Torben Giese, the managing director of Stadtpalais Stuttgart, sharing insights during a cable car interview, the magazine offers a comprehensive glimpse into the vibrant life of Stuttgart.

Finally, the magazine’s hedonistic focus extends to showcasing Stuttgart’s culinary innovators, both in the digital and physical realms. Tara Hariri of Mangiare Collective takes center stage, guiding us through ingredient shopping and sharing her culinary philosophy. The DAS TICKET editorial team’s friends and family also join in, embarking on a journey to explore diverse venues offering an array of cuisines and influences that capture the essence of Stuttgart’s dining scene.

The inaugural edition of DAS TICKET hit the stands with a print run of 20,000 copies. It was generously distributed for free in Stuttgart’s subway system and at SSB ticket offices.


Client SSB – Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG
Partners Roomservice.eu, Studio Tillack Knöll
Size 195 × 250
Technique Offset
URL http://www.das-ticket-magazin.de