Ann-Kathrin Müller & Judith Engel—Das SignalA Co-Creational Project

Concept and design with/for Ann-Kathrin Müllers and Judith Engels “Das Signal”. The 80-page book was offset-printed and hand-bound as a Swiss brochure. Published by Edition Taube.

With her medium-format camera, Ann-Kathrin Müller takes us on a journey to a seemingly out-of-time seismological measuring station somewhere in eastern Germany. The black-and-white photographs, which show the interior of the station and the deserted surroundings, conjure up a diffusely haunting atmosphere.

Accompanied by Judith Engel’s short prose pieces, a patchy dialogue between images and texts emerges, blurring the lines between past and present, fact and fiction.

In the setting of this opaque world, “The Signal” questions the unambiguity of purely rational and scientific worldviews, repeatedly encountering a phenomenon that accompanies both science and photography in their search for evidence: Blur.


Client Ann-Kathrin Müller & Judith Engel
Partners Ann-Kathrin Müller, Judith Engel, Studio Tillack Knöll
Size 220 × 330
Technique Offset print
ISBN 978-3-945900-87-1
Photo credit Ann-Kathrin Müller